At AVANT GARDE we use only proven, superior products to develop state-of-the-art computer network systems, so we can maintain your IT platform to make your business run smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Our excellent computer network installation and support team minimizes the need for ongoing service, and our continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction means that we provide only the best computer networking solutions for our valued customers.

Some of our expertise will provide you with the following services (although we are not limited to these):

Network installations
Network management
Network maintenance
Backup solutions
Cabling and Infrastructure
Network security
IT training
Relocation and IT moves

Your small to medium sized organization

As your small to medium-sized organization becomes more dependent on information technology and the Internet, there’s an increasing need for the features, functionality, and security that in the past were available only to large enterprises. However, the expense required to design, develop, and maintain such an environment is often too great for small and medium-sized organizations.
AVANT GARDE can provide remote management and security services for your business as well as many other features and benefits that previously were exclusive to large organizations.  At the same time, we will model a comprehensive plan keeping in mind the need for keeping costs to a minimum.

There is a lot of value in outsourcing some or all of your Information Technology needs and especially the implementation and management of your network infrastructure to us. We all know that most businesses operate in cycles with periods of intense activity and others where it seems like most employees have nothing but time on their hands. Rather than pay an expensive salary and benefits to a full-time IT team, why not develop a relationship with an AVANT GARDE specialist who will learn your needs and goals and update and manage your computer network as needed while charging only for the work you need done; not the work you thought you might.

Whether your business needs a local or wide area network to share data and applications among employees, or customers, we can offer a variety of secure, fully managed network solutions tailored to your IT infrastructure needs.  Call or email us today!